geoff cordner
postcard collection


A deluxe limited edition postcard set featuring rare images of the Austin Texas punk scene circa 1983. $7.50

The 10 black and white images are printed on 4"x6" 14pt UV-coated super-glossy stock and are beautifully presented in vellum packaging. Included are shots of Black Flag, the Meat Puppets, the Big Boys, the Offenders, teen hardcore sensations Crotch Rot, and others.

Austin, Texas, 1983. American punk rock, phase two: the real American underground, and the birth of DIY. It was a brief and action packed couple of years of anarchy and everyone was welcome. There was never a time like it, and there probably never will be again.

I was in my early 20s, just a kid, really, enrolled in University, even though I seldom found the time to actually go there, working at a record store, doing flyers, putting out 'zines, setting up shows, putting out records...We weren't specialists in those days -- this was the birth of DIY, the underground democratized and revolutionized by the xerox machine.

I had an Olympus OM-10 camera. My girlfriend Jean bought me membership in a co-op darkroom as a Christmas present. I was off and running. I had no idea what I was doing, and was determined to figure it out on my own. I wasn't trying to document a scene, or do anything fancy that required planning or had anything to do with any art theory. I was just taking pictures of whatever I felt like taking pictures of as I went through my day-to-day affairs, which mostly involved hanging out and going to shows. My primary purpose was to supply myself with photos for silk screen posters and the crazy cut-up art punk 'zines I was cranking out courtesy of my girlfriend's job at a Copymat.

Few of these negatives survived the years. Those that did are a pretty random selection. Some of them are in really bad shape, which maybe suits the subject matter. This is what it was like to be a punk kid in Austin Texas in 1983.

"The constitution of photographer Geoff Cordner is part cut-throat visionary, part punk rock prankster. His subversive exploits are an assault on the senses." -- Clint Catalyst, author of Cottonmouth Kisses