Geoff Cordner



Hollywood, 1995, on Polaroid.

Hollywood, 1995, on Polaroid.


Geoff Cordner was born in Tripoli Libya, raised in Libya, western Canada, and Egypt. Part of the burgeoning D.I.Y./punk scene of the late 70s/early 80s, he began taking photos to supply himself with content for various punk 'zines. He attended university in Austin, Texas, moved to Los Angeles and was deeply involved in the early 80s punk/alternative music scene. In 1988 he went to Milan, Italy for 6 months and stayed 6 years, first as a fashion model and later as a fashion photographer. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1995.


"Geoffrey Cordner is a thrift-shop visionary whose photographs capture the underbelly of millennial America with a heart and ruthlessness that places him beyond trend and fashion, in a status all his own. Beyond his technical mastery, Cordner's particular genius is the way in which he inspires trust in his subjects, often those for whom all trust has been betrayed. Whether it's a smacked-out teenaged neo-punk or a sloe-eyed Hollywood hustler, Cordner goes beneath the ink and attitude to the damaged soul within. What Diane Arbus did for her gallery of mutants, and Nan Goldin did for her own crop of tormented hipsters, Geoff Cordner does for the denizens of his own outre universe. Having passed through international fashion and commercial advertising, album covers and rock'n'roll posters, this is a photographer who has abandoned the trappings of conventional success to bring us a world of savage, mind-blowing and relentless images the rest of us might never see." -- JERRY STAHL, author of Permanent Midnight & Perv: a Love Story

"Cordner captures that space between breaths, where photography transcends documentation and morphs into the pure essence of being. A small moment in time where the subjects drop their natural defenses and instead of posing for the shot, seem to exist forever, not trapped by their image, but for once, finally freed within it in." -- LYDIA LUNCH

"The constitution of photographer Geoff Cordner is part cut-throat visionary, part punk rock prankster. His subversive exploits are an assault on the senses." -- CLINT CATALYST, author of Cottonmouth Kisses

"...some of the most incredible and visionary work seen during our tenure. Controversial, seeking, raw and indelibly modern, Cordner shoots from the hip and leaves the viewer with an elevated pulse, and a thick taste on the tongue of the morning after... Hard-hitting... drenched with black humor and asking big questions." --HEATHER CORRINA, Scarlet Letters

"The new Weegee" -- LEGS McNEIL, author of Please Kill Me, an Oral History of Punk Rock

This isn't your everyday erotica, it is sweaty and it is on the way to the bathroom to screw after a can smell the cigarettes and cheap booze...timeless and aching in a way rarely seen in modern photography." JANE'S GUIDE

"Seldom do we see photographers' sites express the rawness, intimacy and gritty grownup punk attitude as found in Geoff Cordner's work. It conveys an unusual frankness with the subject; it's tough not to feel like you're reading a kinky diary captured on camera. Stunning." -- VIOLET BLUE

"Cordner's innovative, ingenious, sultry, no holds barred explorations of what is sexy rocks our world." -- EROS GUIDE

"Geoff Cordner rape the terror fear=cytoplasm pituitary of a digital chimpanzee cheerfully." - KENJI SIRATORI, author of Blood Electric

"The Charles Bukowski of porn" ON OUR BACKS MAGAZINE

"A reprehensible, socially parasitic artist" -- MS MAGAZINE


2008: Lust 4 Lace, LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits, group video show)

2007: Fetisches, Galeria Alonso Vidal, Barcelona (group show)

2007: Art For Humans Gallery, (group show w/ Jesse Wiedel, Anna Julien, William Ransom, Geoffrey Russell Baird...) Los Angeles

2005: Mondo Pop Gallery, (group show w/ Annie Sprinkle, Tom of Finland, Robert Crumb, John John Jesse...) Auckland, New Zealand

2004: The Museum of Erotica, (permanent collection, w/ Robert Mappelthorpe, David LaChapelle, Carlos Batts...) Los Angeles

2001: Platinum Oasis, Group show, Coral Sands Motel, (w/ Bruce La Bruce, Ron Athey, Kembra Pfahler, Franco B...) Los Angeles

2001: Group show, the Creative Center, Los Angeles

2001: Neurotica, Group show, (w/ Dave Naz, Anthony Ausgang, Stacy Lande, Justice Howard...) Holly Matter Gallery, Los Angeles

1999: Group show, Fototeka Gallery, Los Angeles

1999: Solo exhibition, "These Children that Come at You With Knives", Zero 1 Gallery, Los Angeles

1993: Solo exhibition: "Pornos" Barcelona Spain

1993: Joint exhibition, Apollo Theater, Barcelona Spain, w/ Oskar Ohlson

1992: Solo exhibition, Milan Italy

1984: Group show: Punk Poster Art UT Austin


2008: Lust 4 Lace, LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits, group video show)

2007: Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland

2006: Austin Film Festival, Austin, Texas

2006: Bend Film Festival, Bend Oregon

2006: Super Shorts Film Festival, London (and travelling), UK

2006: SF Indie Docfest, San Francisco, CA

2006: Sidewalk Film Festival, Birmingham, Al

2005: Lucid Underground, Kansas City Intl. Film Festival, Kansas City, Mo


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